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Temperature Data, Part I

Johnson Controls A19AAT-2C

I brewed a pumpkin ale on October 5 and have had it in an old refrigerator controlled by a Johnson Controls A19AAT-2C thermostat ever since.  I finally got around to installing two digital temperature sensors a couple of days ago: one inside the fridge and one hanging outside to measure ambient temperature.  Now that a full 24-hour period has passed, I have some data!

Using a simple spreadsheet program, I graphed the temperature data for yesterday.  I’m interested to see how far the temperature fluctuates given the ambient temperature and how well the Johnson Controls thermostat works.

I already see one problem: it’s Autumn here in South Georgia, and the outdoor temperatures vary from below to above the ideal ale fermentation temperature nearly every day.  The thermostat only tells my refrigerator when to turn on, and can’t do anything when the temperature is too low.  I’m searching for a heater now…


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