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Home Brewing Blog: GO.

I’m glad you have stumbled upon this brand-new, unplanned, direction-less idea I had one day.  Here’s the plan I just made up:

I’m a home beer brewer and I want to make better beer than I have in the past.  I imagine this might be something other home brewers want to do as well.

What I have planned for 2014 is, well, better brewing.  To achieve better tasting and more consistent batches I’ll be performing experiments, reading a lot, and the only thing to do in order to make better beer: brewing more beer.  Along the way I’ll be automating parts of my home brewery and processes and making my best attempt at recording everything I do.

I mean recording in a sense that I’ll be documenting; I don’t plan on creating a lot of video content at the moment.  Some of the content here might show up on the beer show I need to pick up again and/or the beer blog I rarely post to.

My intention is to begin brewing the first or second weekend in January 2014, so subscribe to the blog if you’re inclined to read your collection of RSS feeds.  Otherwise I’m sure I’ll be shouting out on Twitter when I have posted something.  Follow @BenOnBeer for some of that good beer news, reviews, and thoughts.

Like I said before, this wasn’t very well planned.  After a few days and getting WordPress set up it still sounds like a good idea, so I’ll move forward.

Until next time,


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